Franchise Marketing

Franchise Marketing

Franchise Marketing: Everywhere You Are

Franchise and Multi-Location Marketing is all about optimizing returns for both corporate and the individual locations. When done correctly, corporate gets to control the brand and messaging while adding value to the individual locations. The locations are more successful, therefore corporate is more successful, all while outsourcing this valuable function to a partner whose sole responsibility is making them look good.

What are the steps to getting started?

Perform a company and market analysis: What programs are in place? What’s working, and what isn’t? Are they selling a product or a service? B2B or B2C?

Create brand standards and corporate positioning.

Create a marketing program specifically for corporate promoting the brand and brand messaging as well as recruiting new owners.

Create a basic marketing program for individual locations.

Create add-ons and upgrades for marketing individual locations.

Develop a Marketing Manual for corporate to issue to new franchises (or revise what is existing).

Deliver monthly reporting for individual locations to corporate.

Test. Revise. Repeat. Live continuous improvement.


What is the most efficacious structure for franchise or multi-locations business marketing?
  • Corporate creates a tithe, or fee to parent, based on a percentage of gross revenue, earmarked for brand marketing and support for the corporate marketing group
  • An additional percentage is required to be spent on location marketing. This money is required to go through corporate marketing for sanctioned programs. Individual locations are encouraged to spend money on local marketing above and beyond these mandates
  • Smart parent corporations will create a modest in house marketing group to work with a primary, approved marketing agency, and preferred vendors. This is where Kymera fits in
  • More mature franchises often create a separate entity as a profit center to manage internal marketing

Website Design & Development

Get the web tools needed for managing multiple locations.

Social Media Marketing

Get in front of customers on Facebook, Instagram, Google Posts and more.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Increase rankings for franchise leads for individual locations.

Google Adwords Management

Search and Display campaigns for both franchise leads and individual locations

Direct Mail

Integrated with Digital Marketing and designed to get responses and track ROI.

Business Listing Management

Google My Business, Data Aggregators, and many more listing sites that matter

Lead Tracking & Management

Capture leads by channel, and funnel them to your CRM with lead routing.


Tangible media works. Window & wall wraps, retractable banners, flyers, and more.

Automated Review Management

Solicit and respond to Google reviews from one dashboard to make reputation management easier

Video Production & Advertising

Tell your story with video to capture the attention of your audience.

Recruiting Employees

Create self-initiated talent acquisition programs to help find and attract top-talent to your brand.

Targeted Client Acquisition

You know your perfect client or customer, we can help you find more of them and make them yours.

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