Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Direct Mail: Putting you and your clients first

Many don’t realize how much goes into a successful direct mail marketing program. Everything is strategized, including the layout, design, objective, and target audience. All of these factors will have an influence on your results, and we’re here to demonstrate how.

The World has Changed, and so has Direct Mail

Direct Mail lets you target those most likely to purchase your product or service with a personalized call to action. Direct mail is also a great way to generate leads and build relationships. By including a call-to-action, you can encourage recipients to visit your website or place of business or make a purchase.

Traditional Direct Mail, such as Newspapers, Newsletters, Legal Notices, and Coupons, is more effective now than ever. Mail has gained importance and popularity, partly because of digital burnout and partly because of the changes the pandemic imprinted on our society.

90% of Millennials look through their mail daily1
73% find direct mail more credible than digital messaging alone2
70% of Millennials and 40% of GenZ have used marketing mail as a prompt to go online1


Engagement rate for direct mail3


Median direct mail ROI4


Average direct mail response rate for prospects lists4


of business mail stays in the home for over four weeks and is viewed an average of 5 times5


Average direct mail response rate for house lists3


Increase in response rate for direct mail when the piece is personalized3


Percentage of Millennials who went to a brand’s website because of a direct mail piece1


of Marketers report that Direct Mail's performance has maintained or improved over each of the past three years4


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Mail lets you target your most loyal customers – or a select group of consumers.

Mail can be tracked to test the effectiveness of formats, offers, mailing lists, and more.

Mail creates a one-to-one communication between you and your customer.

Time after time, studies show that people find direct mail to be more trustworthy than other advertising channels.

Consumers save mailed coupons for future use and share mailings with others.

Today, mail works with smartphone technology to create a unique and powerful bond with the recipient.


What is Digital Direct?

Direct mail marketing has a lot on the horizon.
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Wisdom Through Experience

Our process


Pick your best customers and draw a picture. Be as detailed as you can. The more specific you can be, the better. We then take that picture and create a buyer persona to pull a list of individuals or businesses that will become your next generation of best customers.


Keep it as simple and direct as possible, people think in sound bites. Keep it visual, but appropriate to the message. Use a postcard when you can, unless your message contains sensitive or complicated information. Nobody likes to be sold, but everyone likes to buy. Think like your customer when designing your mail piece, and answer their question: “What’s in it for me?”


How do you know if direct mail is working? Is it getting any lift or is it just a fluff name recognition piece? Easy! Create a call to action that can be measured. Set up a PURL (Personal URL), or a landing page specifically to respond to the card. Use a QR barcode to take them there. Additionally, insert a tracking phone number. Using these tools with Google Analytics will give you the ability to track the effectiveness of your mail piece.


Large mailings (>40,000 pieces) find an economy of scale using offset printing. Unfortunately, offset cannot incorporate variable data printing (VDP). VDP can be as simple, or as complex as you need to get your point across. Any type of text can be inserted anywhere on a mail piece. You can also add pictures, signatures, maps, entire text boxes, logos, etc. Pretty much anything you can think of can be used as variable data.


The the post office now has the ability to track your mail. The USPS can track almost any letter or package for just a couple of pennies. It creates a huge advantage for marketers to know when a piece is hitting homes so they can schedule response resources and/or turn on digital assets to create automated responses.

Kymera was one of the first 100 Certified Seamless Acceptance Mail Service Providers in the USA.

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