Digital Direct

Digital Direct

Combining Direct Mail with Digital Response

Better Together

Direct mail is highly effective. It puts your exact message in the hands of people most likely to buy. But unless you give them an easy way to answer your call to action, you’ll lose their interest. That’s where using direct mail with a digital response really shines. Use direct mail to generate leads and then digital marketing nurtures those leads and turns them into customers

Making it Easy

By putting a QR code on direct mail, you make it simple, easy, and immediate for your prospects to shoot the code and go to a landing page designed to provide instant gratification. Using QR codes allows for a seamless transition from offline to online communication.

The Cherry on Top

Another benefit of using QR codes is that it allows for more accurate tracking and measurement of campaign success. By linking the QR code to a specific landing page, you can track how many recipients scanned the code, visited the page, and converted. This data can then serve to optimize future campaigns and better target prospects.


Increase in ROI for multi-channel ad campaigns that include direct mail1


Increase in conversion rate for ad campaigns combining direct mail with digital landing page2


Increase in response rate by combining direct mail with other digital advertising2


of GenZ surveyed have received a direct mail piece with a QR code leading to an online interaction3


The average conversion rate for landing pages4


Number of top landing pages are mobile-optimized5


of marketers build a new landing page for each new campaign6


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