Data: Actionable Intel at Your Fingertips

The two most important variables in marketing are your message and who you target with it. Your Creative Strategy will identify your message and who you're targeting. Data gives you your target. Whether you want to reach a broad area using geotargeting, or need something as precise as targeting individuals based on one or more demographic traits, Kymera can serve up consumer data that will be invaluable to the growth of your business.

List Procurement

Pick your best customers and draw picture. Be as detailed as you can. Include why you think they chose you; what makes them a good client? The more specific you can be, the better. We can then take that picture and create a buyer persona to use as the basis for a list of individuals or businesses that will become your next-best customers.

Consumer Data

What do they drive? Where do they live? Do they shop online? Do they have kIds? How old? How many? Are they close to graduating? Does political party affiliation matter? Do they use credit cards? Do they own their home or rent? How much equity do they have? Do they have diabetes? Smoke cigars? Like to travel? Once you have your buyer persona, these are just SOME of the data funnels available for finding that buyer.

Profiling and Segmentation

Do you want to know more about your clients so you can go hunt for more just like them? It’s possible. We can forge demographic profiles of existing clients using several different tools, from surveys to sophisticated AI directed software. Segment your customer base by service, or product, or spend, or any other relevant characteristic, then discover the demographic, psychographic, or affinity profiles the members of each segment have in common. You can then use that information to focus your messaging as well as a search filter to find others just like them.

Consumer Insights

Want to know what your customers think? Ask them. Customize your surveys to find out what you want to know - need to know - about their thought processes leading them to you versus your competitor, or what product or service do they see as their next investment. Or pursue the next best thing: mine the data you want from other sources, but please pay attention to methodologies, biases, legitimacy of the subject group, etc. There is a lot of data available, but not all of it is good!

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