Data Processing Services

We Are Kymera is one of only 117 Certified Seamless Acceptance Mail Service Suppliers* in the United States.

Our Data Processing Services Include:

  • Data Entry and List Management: Data services can be costly for any business to manage for themselves. Kymera is in the business of managing large amounts of data, including mailing lists.
  • NCOA: National Change of Address (NCOALink): is a secure dataset of approximately 160 million permanent change-of-address (COA) records consisting of the names and addresses of individuals, families and businesses who have filed a change-of-address with the USPS". (Our NCOALink processing updates your list(s) using 48 months of data from the database of Change of Address (COA) forms filed with the Postal Service.
  • DPV (Delivery Point Verification): processing validates address information at the physical delivery point level. This will allow you to identify Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA) mail prior to mailing. Just because an address exists on a map, does not mean the USPS delivers mail there.
  • LACSLink: processing updates addresses that have changed through the Locatable
    Address Conversion Service (LACS).
  • SuiteLink: processing updates business addresses with secondary information when known.
  • CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System): Our software will correct and standardize addresses. It will also add missing address information, such as ZIP codes, cities, and states to ensure the address is complete. Any mailing claimed at an automation rate must be produced from address lists properly matched and coded with CASS-certified address matching methods.
  • Merge/Purge / De-Dupe: Kymera offers merge/purge services with the goal of processing and producing a unique set of names to send your promotional materials. We can de-dupe by: Full Name, Address, Full Name and Address or just about anything you may have in mind. We can also eliminate specific Individuals, businesses, Addresses, Neighborhoods or other descriptors of your choosing
  • Suppression: A suppression list is a list addresses that you do not wish to receive correspondence. The could already be customers or people who have complained about receiving mailings. We also offer Deceased Suppression Deceased Suppression processing identifies deceased individuals in your list(s) using a database derived from Social Security Administration records and other proprietary sources.
  • Political Householding: For political campaigns, we employ a special type of de-duplication. For 2 people at the same address with the same last name, we combine the first 2 names. Households with 3 or more people with the same last name, we address one letter to “The xxxx Family.” Households with 2 or more individuals with different last names, each person gets a mailpiece – unless we’re instructed differently.
  • Track and Trace Kymera subscribes to a system within the USPS, linking our data with their process monitoring equipment allowing know where your mail is in their system up until the date of delivery. Monitoring your outbound mailings helps you improve customer service preparedness, program effectiveness and timing.
  • Presort: Presort is grouping mail by zip code. Our software allows us to “pre-sort” the mail into the same patterns the SUPS uses to deliver the mail. Mail carriers are given distinct routes, even delivery patterns, that they must adhere to. We do part of the USPS’s job for them and sort all the mail leaving our facility to the same delivery patterns their carriers use. This is how we can guarantee you the best postage discounts no matter what class of mail you send.
  • Adding Walk Sequence to your mailings can sometimes qualify you for higher discounts, perhaps even Saturation Mailing Discounts. Our DSF2 processing updates your list(s) using the Delivery Sequence File (DSF), and returns a Walk Sequence and a Business/Residential Flag for each record that matched. This can help you minimize your postage expense.


Data Processing Bundles:

  • Basic Service: Mandatory For All Discounted Postage Mailings
    CASS, DPV, NCOA, Presort
  • Premier Service: Everything in the Basic Package Plus
    Adding Walk Sequence and Track and Trace
  • Political Service: CASS, DPV, NCOA (eliminate movers), Householding, Presort
  • Other services available a la carte depending on need.