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We Are/Kymera has been helping businesses connect with their customers through our direct mail expertise since the very beginning and our campaign with Mike Weinberg really shows it. Through our strategic approach, we were able to achieve sales and call volume increases that speak for themselves

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The Story Starts Here

Mike Weinberg approached our team at Kymera as a new We Insure franchise owner with the goal of spreading the world about his office throughout the community. The message: Each year, We Insure helps people from all walks of life save money and live confidently by finding the policy that works best for them.

The Process

After speaking with Mike, we decided that the best way to get the world out about his new office would be a direct mail campaign which would consist of three different postcards. Mike gave us the area he wanted to focus on the most and we compiled the addresses in that specific area. Rather than mail to the whole list at once however, we decided the best way to handle the campaign would be to break up the list into separate mailings. Utilizing a tracking number so that Mike could monitor the campaign’s progress, we sent out a new mailing each month for three months, focusing on different segments of the list for a period of three weeks each.

The Results

As the first of We Insure’s franchisees to undertake a direct mail campaign through Kymera, Mike saw a dramatic increase in calls to his location. In the span of 90 days, Mike reported 77 calls through the tracking number that was used for this mailing.

My results using Kymera’s direct mail program greatly exceeded any expectations I had after 50 years in the business! Frankly I am shocked at not only how many calls we received but even more surprised by the large percentage of calls that we convert into clients with new sales. Amazingly, we had virtually no returns due to a bad address. I will be a constant Kymera client for many years to come. Thank you, Kymera!

Mike Weinberg, We Insure Franchise Owner

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