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Ongoing Digital Marketing Support

The Story Starts Here

We Insure approached Kymera to improve its digital presence and drive more leads and conversions through its website. 

Kymera’s team worked closely with We Insure to develop and implement a digital marketing strategy that included web development, content, newsletters, social media, and franchise acquisitions digital Ads.

  • Programming & Web Development 
  • Digital Ads
  • Social Media
  • Newsletters
  • Content development
  • On & Off Page SEO Assistance

The Process

Our web development team worked closely with We Insure to understand their business requirements and preferences. We worked to develop a website that was modern, responsive, and user-friendly, with clear calls to action. We also optimized the website for speed and security, ensuring that users had a seamless browsing experience.

We created and implemented a content marketing and social media strategy that included blog posts, social content, and press releases that would attract and engage users and improve the website's overall authority.

Our digital marketing team created targeted ads that appeared on Google and LinkedIn. We used a combination of demographic and geographic targeting to ensure that the ads were shown to users who were most likely to be interested in franchising with We Insure. The ads were designed to be visually engaging and included clear CTAs that encouraged users to visit the landing page and submit a franchise acquisition inquiry.

"We have changed so much since the beginning of our partnership. Thank you for supporting our ever-changing needs and collaboration."

The Results

Since the launch of the new website, We Insure has seen an increase in website traffic and an increase in the number of quote requests and inquiries. The franchise acquisition ads have generated over 101 leads. The ads have also helped to increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to the website.

During their website re-brand, we teamed up with their design and SEO vendors to help We Insure launch the new version on time and with many new features that would not only look amazing but also benefit the agents. Providing our expertise and team spirit to insure everyone was able to put their best foot forward!

Our digital marketing strategy for We Insure has been a success, delivering tangible results in terms of increased website traffic, leads, and conversions. By leveraging web development, content, social media, and digital ads, we were able to create a comprehensive and effective digital marketing campaign that helped We Insure achieve its business objectives.

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