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Kymera has handled all of Marblelife's marketing needs for over 10 years.

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The Story Starts Here

Marblelife has over 30 years of experience in stone restoration and maintenance services, and the company has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality work. Despite its success, Marblelife was struggling to establish a strong digital presence, which was hindering its ability to attract new customers and expand its reach. To address this challenge, Marblelife partnered with Kymera.

Kymera's team of experts worked closely with Marblelife to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that helped the company achieve its goals.

"They’ve helped us stay ahead of the curve on algorithm
updates and given us a leg up on our competition."

The Process

The first step was to redesign Marblelife's website to improve its functionality and user experience. Kymera created a modern, mobile-responsive design to make it easy for customers to find the information they need and to schedule services online.

Kymera also hosted weekly strategic meetings reviewing the overall progress of all campaigns and providing suggestions for improvements.

Kymera implemented a targeted SEO strategy that aimed to improve Marblelife's search engine rankings and increase its visibility online. This involved developing a content marketing plan that focused on creating valuable, informative content that would resonate with Marblelife's target audience.

In addition to these efforts, Kymera helped Marblelife establish a strong social media presence, with a focus on Facebook and Instagram. Kymera developed a social media strategy that included regular posts, engaging visuals, and targeted advertising campaigns. This helped Marblelife connect with customers on a more personal level and increase brand awareness across the U.S.

The Results

The results of the partnership between Marblelife and Kymera were impressive. Marblelife saw a significant increase in website traffic, a reduction of online Ads cost per lead by 60%, an increase in monthly leads and revenue, On-page and Off-page SEO strategies, and direct mail campaigns that helped increase brand awareness across all US.

As a result of Kymera's efforts, Marblelife is well-positioned to achieve continued growth and success in the years to come.

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