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The Story Starts Here

Kymera partnered with Hand & Stone in 2010 when the franchise organization had less than two dozen locations, providing coordinated multichannel marketing services for the franchises and branding support for corporate. As the company grew, a significant factor in its ability to grow became its ability to find and hire high-quality, experienced massage therapists. Inspired by this need, Kymera developed a marketing program to make it easier for franchise owners to locate and hire top-quality therapists.

  • Direct Mail
  • Careers Program Development
  • Website Development

The Process

Kymera developed a scalable program to help franchise owners hire local massage therapists. The multifaceted campaign contained elements of direct mail, social media, web development, internet marketing, and job board management, reaching out to licensed therapists and convincing them to visit a local Hand & Stone Franchise location to experience the difference themselves. As a result, franchises received a steady stream of high-quality leads for massage therapists.

"I opened a second spa five months ago and hired 7 LMTs using Kymera. Without them, I would only have a facial business. It has been a very successful partnership."

– Mel Mooney, Multi-Unit Owner

"We have received a steady flow of quality candidates for our spas by letting Kymera’s campaigns do the work. It has been a great investment for our business."

– Don Williams, Multi-Unit Owner

The Results

Hand & Stone franchises that utilized this campaign saw a stream of candidates for an average of $65 each. The program made the hiring process faster and easier and enabled the growth of the franchise and its individual locations. Several multi-unit owners used the data collection capabilities of the program as a part of their site selection process for new spas and have cited Kymera as a critical investment in their business.


The Careers Program, as it has come to be known, is entering a new phase with the completion of a state-of-the-art national recruiting site supported by location-specific landing pages fed by direct mail and email solicitations. The new approach promises to be both more effective and less costly.

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