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With 26 locations throughout Central and Northeast Florida, Gator’s Dockside is a family friendly, sports themed restaurant that serves hardy, made-from-scratch meals to their patrons. The organization is known for their charitable giving and support for school and club sports teams within each restaurant’s community.

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The Story Starts Here

Gator’s Dockside approached Kymera to help make their website more accessible for users with disabilities. This became a priority for Gator’s after learning that one of their potential customers experienced issues with accessing some features of the site.

The Process

Kymera interviewed and recommended an ADA consultant to help Gator’s determine the necessary changes. Once the consultant ran a live human audit on the site, Kymera worked with the consultant to make sure the issues were fixed. Throughout the project, we conferred with Gator’s Dockside about possible solutions that affected the user experience, such as changing how forms function, updating colors to increase contrast, and updating code to allow for screen readers. In some instances when the code of a 3rd party app couldn’t be updated, we switched to an app that was more accessible or completely removed the app from the site.

The Results

By working with the ADA consultant, Kymera cleaned up over 50 issues on the site, 28 of which were high severity. By making their site as accessible as possible, Gator’s Dockside avoided future lawsuits and made their site welcoming and easier to use for people will all types of special needs.

Kymera has worked seamlessly with ADA Site Compliance to perform website remediation. They are a trusted partner that has helped us manage our risk and expand our digital footprint by making our site more inviting for people with disabilities. Because of the technical know-how needed to make a website accessible, this is something we could not have managed on our own. We trust Kymera to manage our website content by keeping it up-to-date and accessible

Sandra Clark, Director of Operations

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