Intelligent Mail

Expert Witness

Title theft isn’t the most interesting crime, but when it happens, it’s crippling. Kymera’s data experts had a chance to play a roll in restoring justice for one victim of an attempted title theft

The Story Starts Here

The client had been involved in a title theft lawsuit that had been in and out of court for over a decade. Her home was on the line and the case rested on whether or not she received notification of a pending foreclosure within the legal window mandated by law, and whether or not that notice had been made by a legal representative of the lender.

The Process

The USPS uses a 65-bar Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) to sort and track letters and flats. The letter in question was sent using this barcode system, which we were able to analyze and reverse-engineer in order to determine who the original sender of the letter was and if it had been mailed.

The Results

From the analysis of the IMB, we were able to provide an affidavit attesting that the letter had been produced by an unassociated third party — not by the lender — and that the data produced by the barcode lacked a time of production, when or if the notice was actually mailed, and no evidence of delivery. Because we voluntarily provided this information as an expert witness, the title theft case was settled in the client’s favor.