Els for Autism


Els for Autism is home to a 26-acre campus in Jupiter, Florida, that provides on-site education for up to 300 students, ages 3 through 21, and serves as a hub for the organization’s global outreach activities. They offer educational, employment, community, independent living and recreational programming.

The Story Starts Here

Els for Autism relies heavily on their website to showcase their programs and disseminate information about the organization. When it came time to update their website, they reached out to us to get the job done.

The Process

A big part of what we do to inform our work is to look at the main needs of the organization. Els’ old website cost time and money for each modification and update. We built a clean, well organized website that’s easy to navigate and taught the staff at Els for Autism how to perform updates. In doing so, the new website became a useful tool for the staff at Els, and a trusted responsive resource for the community.


Els for Autism’s new website has served as a valuable tool for the autism awareness community by providing a platform offering informational reading, webinars, and involvement opportunities. Els has also found success promoting their programs, fundraising, selling merchandise, and increasing visibility for their organization.


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