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A growing family-owned business with 180 employees, Air Flow Designs provides maintenance, repair, and replacement of HVAC systems throughout Florida. Started in 1958, the company now has locations in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Haines City.

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The Story Starts Here

Air Flow Designs had sent out direct mailers in the past, but were looking for a new partner to help make the process more seamless and increase their ROI. With the ability to design their own mailers in-house, Air Flow Designs wanted to work with a company who could offer expertise in direct mail specifically.

The Process

At strategic times of the year, we send out oversized postcard mailers with an offer that is sure to grab attention. The mailing list is cleaned in order to remove duplicates, make sure names are accurate, remove people who have moved out of the service area, certify addresses through the USPS and presort the list for the lowest postage rates possible. We strategically break the mailer into several drops at different times so that Air Flow’s employees are not inundated with more calls and requests than they can handle at one time.

The Results

With our extensive knowledge of design and direct mail, we’ve been able to help advise Air Flow Designs on how to improve their mailer in order to receive the lowest postage rates, maximize the real estate on the mailer, and increase their response rates. Direct Mail campaigns are one of the best drivers of new business to the company.

Kymera operates more like a marketing department for us than a vendor. We’ve engaged other agencies before and actually had typos and printing errors on mailers as if no one bothered to even look at them before they were sent out. But those days are over. We’ve worked with Jen for years now. She’s got an amazing eye for detail and offers suggestions whenever she sees an opportunity for improvement. There’s never a rush to the finish line - it’s always quality first. Kymera works seamlessly with our own in-house staff, which helps us put more budget toward direct mail and other marketing efforts. We’ve never had any issues because if anything ever comes up, Kymera always makes it right. It’s one part of my business I just don’t have to worry about.

Caroline Kennedy, Vice President, Air Flow Designs, Inc.

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