Franchise + Multi-Location Marketing

Your Franchise 2024 Growth Plan

Succeeding in the franchise universe is a bit like tending to a garden — it demands lots of attention, patience and proper feeding. Whether you’re a franchisor juggling multiple locations or a local operator connecting with your neighborhood, every detail carries the potential to cultivate business and blossom into new opportunities. So where should you […]

Leverage Customer Reviews to Boost Franchise Growth

Customer reviews are an efficient way to gather valuable data on what’s working for your franchise and identify opportunities for growth. Plus, it’s free exposure for your brand. According to a Chatmeter survey of 1,400 consumers, 89% said that they relied on online reviews to evaluate a brand, with more than 67% saying that it […]

Successful Brand Building for Franchises

Marketing franchises presents distinct challenges from promoting stand-alone businesses. A unified brand identity must be maintained across all locations while helping individual franchisees compete (and win) locally. Strong brands have a unique, appealing look — and a message that creates a positive impression in the minds of both customers and prospects. Branding is the foundation […]

Romance Franchisees with These Growth Strategies

  Getting the attention of a potential franchisee is a bit like courting a new love interest – you have to show off all your best qualities. They have a lot of choices and are approached by many other suitors who’ll make big promises. Franchise Brokers can help by being matchmakers for your brand, but […]

Omnichannel Marketing for Franchises

Omnichannel marketing is more than taking your content and spreading it out across as many platforms as possible. While that may broadly qualify as multichannel marketing, omnichannel is much richer and more complex. It’s messaging that’s tailored to your market segments and deployed strategically along each stage of the buyer’s journey.   Marketing for franchises, […]

Service Franchise Marketing

Franchise businesses fall into two broad camps: product (or retail) franchises, and service franchises, with fewer of the latter. So, if you have a service franchise, whether it’s a chiropractic practice, financial firm or home repair company, you have unique marketing needs — and you want to work with a specialist who understands them.   […]

Optimize Your Success With Your Agency Partner

Running a franchise business requires mastery of a combination of skills. You need to be a solid leader, a finance specialist and an effective coach — not to mention an expert in your industry. But with all those hats to wear, you may not have sufficient time to devote to advertising and marketing your brand, […]

Omnichannel Marketing: What It Is and Why You Need It

How do you choose between the many marketing channels and choices available to businesses today? One could say “the more the merrier” when it comes to hopping on various platforms, but this could also lead to significant waste in your marketing budget if you just throw everything against the wall to see what sticks.   […]

Go from Buyer Persona to Hire Persona with the Kymera Careers Program

Finding a new employee isn’t hard — but finding the right one can be. Sometimes, the person you’ve been looking for gets lost in a deluge of applications from underqualified prospects — or simply takes far too long to find. Let us take the guesswork out of recruitment with the Kymera Careers Program. We can […]

Kymera Helps Multi-Location Businesses Establish a Stronger Local Social Media Presence

You’ve grown into a successful multi-location business. Congratulations — that’s quite an achievement! But with all that growth comes new challenges — like meeting the individual marketing needs of all your locations on social media while maintaining a consistent brand identity and presence across channels.   Each of your locations understands its market from a […]