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Are You Ready for the Return of Retail Season?

We are Kymera - Omnichannel Marketing

Summer’s over, with back-to-school season in full swing. And before you know it, the

mad dash to the holidays will be underway with all the festivities, social activities,

shopping, and eating out that go with it. You can’t afford to be late to the party — not

this year. Get “retail ready” by planning early and developing a marketing strategy that

will help drive sales and keep customers coming back for more.


Signage Shoutout

When it comes to signage, planning ahead is key. You’ll need to place an order well in

advance to avoid getting too far behind in suppliers’ queues. Particularly with supply

chain challenges, you’ll want to allow plenty of lead time to avoid missing the mark —

and the retail rush. Consumers — and your competition — start thinking about the

holidays well ahead of time, so don’t miss out by falling behind and getting lost in the



Kymera helps small and large businesses make a lasting impression with its extensive

offering of signage options to promote your brand. Make a big splash with a custom-designed,

weather-resistant banner or poster — perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Or

catch customers’ attention as soon as they walk through the door with tailor-made

wraps for staircases, elevators, windows or walls. We can even help you advertise with

custom vehicle wraps, so your fleet drivers can spread the word while they’re on the

road. We’ll help you from start to finish — from concept to design to final production.

And we have options for almost any budget.


Dominate With Digital

Now that everyone’s attention has shifted back from grilling to Googling, it’s time to

reengage with your audience and online community. Start priming your base so your

business is top of mind as consumers begin planning holiday purchases. Update your

website and landing pages with promotions, discounts and deals to lure buyers back to

your business. On social media, add seasonal hashtags like #BackToSchoolSale or

#FallFavorites. And don’t forget about leveraging the power of video — especially shortform

video — to make a more personal and impactful connection with customers.

Seasonal promotions, testimonials, behind-the-brand stories, influencer content and

how-to videos can help supercharge your social channels and drive sales with

omnichannel messaging.


The Direct Mail Advantage

While practically no marketing strategy is complete without online outreach, there’s lots

of competition in the digital space. Sometimes the best way to reach your audience is

right through their mailboxes — and we mean the physical ones, not email inboxes.

With creative design and compelling content, you can stand out among the competition

and deliver promotions directly to your customers’ doorstep and kitchen table.

Especially for local businesses and franchises, direct mail offers incredible targeting

opportunities and an impressive ROI. Kymera can help develop your list, design and

print your mailers, split test and track them to gauge effectiveness. A 2021 UPS study

shows that direct mail isn’t just for baby boomers, as millennials report they enjoy

receiving personalized direct mailers.


Creativity and Strategy

Your brand is so much more than just your name and logo. With consumers receiving a

bombardment of marketing messaging during the retail season, your business needs to

stand out with a distinctive brand identity and make a memorable presentation. Plus,

you need a unifying strategy to tie together all parts of your sales and marketing efforts

and effectively deploy omnichannel campaigns.


Kymera helps convey your corporate identity and connect with customers authentically

with strong branding and unique storytelling. Regardless of whether you’re just

beginning to establish your brand or looking for a refresh, Kymera can help. We’ll assist

with your website, digital marketing, social media, branding, content marketing, direct

mail, PPC, video marketing and email marketing — and we can even wrap your

commercial fleet.


Get Ahead to Get in the Black

And if you haven’t already started planning out your Black Friday and holiday sales

campaigns, don’t delay. In a tight economy, there’s more competition for shoppers’

discretionary dollars. Trust Kymera’s digital and print marketing pros to elevate your

business or brand. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help propel you

into a successful retail season — and beyond.