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Are You Haunted by These Monstrous Marketing Fears?

We are Kymera - Omnichannel Marketing

For some, the idea of marketing and advertising your business can be as inviting as an invitation to spend the night in a haunted house. With so many advancements and constant change in the digital space, the entire process can leave you screaming into the void. Here are marketing worries that plague business owners — and how we can help you tackle them.


The FOMOnster. Is everyone telling you to get on TikTok? Well, maybe you should … but maybe not. Either way, FOMO (fear of missing out) is the wrong way to make this type of decision. Instead of playing a scary guessing game, reevaluate your marketing strategy and implement a holistic omnichannel approach based on the known purchasing habits of your demographic. Omnichannel marketing can help expand the reach of your brand, increase conversions and boost customer satisfaction.


Attack of the killer reviews. Don’t lose your head at the prospect of online reviews and the inevitable criticism that accompanies them. Kymera’s review system puts the power in your hands. Our system solicits reviews from customers, and if they’re positive, reviewers are prompted to post their feedback. If they’re critical, we’ll refer the comments to your attention, so you have an opportunity to address any issues. We can help you improve customer service and control the narrative for your brand.


Zombie campaigns. The nightmare scenario: You pour your tell-tale heart into a marketing campaign, but to your horror, it produces lifeless results with few conversions. How do you bring a marketing campaign back from the dead? A/B test, then A/B test again. Start small and see which CTAs, headlines or offers have a higher click-through and conversion rate. Does your audience respond more to straightforward messaging or fun, lighthearted storytelling? Which landing pages convert more consistently? We’ll help you find what works best and use that data to boost your bottom line.


The invisible brand. It can be intimidating to expose your brand to the world. But the reality is you can’t be everything to everybody. If your brand is quirky, go with it. If it’s irreverent, own it. Never try to make your brand something it’s not, and don’t pursue generic, vanilla branding just because it seems safer. Remember, there’s an opportunity cost to playing it too safe. After all, lack of visibility is the biggest risk of all.


The ad agency from the black lagoon. Choosing an agency and entrusting them to do right by your business can be scary. After all, you don’t want them to pull your brand under. Look for one with a broad range of experience and expertise — and a track record to back it up, like Kymera. Our marketing professionals can help keep your planning, execution and ongoing strategy afloat with world-class services and capabilities.

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Kymera is a fierce omnichannel marketing beast — we aren’t afraid to show our teeth and help you devour the competition. We’ll make your business or brand a nightmare … to your competition!