A PURL of Wisdom from Kymera

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What if there were a tool that enabled you to automate your prospecting efforts, making each interaction highly personalized, while measuring and tracking key touch points in the buyer’s journey? That’s the promise of personalized URLs, or “PURLs.” This innovative marketing solution makes it easy to target leads and encourage prospects to take immediate action in the moment. You can grab their attention, offer a compelling and customized call to action and track your results in real time.


Print + PURLs = Profits. Did you know that direct mail response rates are on average 4.4% compared to .12% for email, according to research by the Direct Marketing Association? That’s a huge difference! You can further leverage the power of direct mail by targeting customers with PURLs for a more custom web experience, tailored to their wants and needs. Get your audience engaged immediately with a clear, well-designed mailer that showcases captivating copy and vibrant visual imagery. By incorporating a PURL, you’ll give prospects a more intuitive web address to visit and remember —one that’s customizable with their first and last name to pique curiosity and amp up engagement. Your personalized mailer should include the full PURL, as well as a QR code that conveniently links out to their page.


Engage on the Page. Once the customer journey has migrated online, you need to hold visitors’ interest and serve up what they came for, whether it’s information about your services, a product demo or a special offer. Time (and attention) is short for most people, so you’ll want to deliver on what you’ve promised — and deliver fast. Make the online interaction convenient with prefilled contact information, intuitive links to product pages and additional content on the user’s selected areas of interest. PURLs overcome the “I don’t have time for this” mentality and make it a no-brainer to hit “buy now” or spend time perusing all your offerings.


Learn as You Go. Monitor and track your leads with Kymera’s convenient online dashboard, which allows you to see how each visitor moves through your website and gauge their areas of interest. This valuable customer tracking data goes directly to your CRM, enabling you to follow up with prospects at just the right time in the customer journey. You’ll be able to learn what works best over time to help maximize conversions and drive sales.


Precious PURLs for Your Business

Take a deep dive into the world of personalized marketing and see why PURLs can be worth more than pearls when it comes to boosting your bottom line. Give your prospects a more customized web experience — let Kymera’s digital marketing experts implement a PURL strategy for your business to make prospects feel like you’re speaking directly to them.